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Kelly Drilling Rig

As ARK Drilling, we are supplier of high quality Kelly Drilling Rig in Turkey.

Rotary drilling is a type of drilling used to drill wells in rock or soft formations.       Kelly bar is the key component in the execution of boreholes for rotary drilling rigs. They transfer the torque of the rotary drive to the drilling tools.

The kelly is the storng tube and the kelly bushing is the component to turn the kelly for  rotation of  the rotary table. Upside connects to the swivel,. The kelly typically is about 7,5 meter or 11 meter depends on leght of mast it should be longer than the drill pipes, When kelly drilled through its size meter than drill pipes adding to well hole. Its important to use drill collar to drill straight well.

The kelly is below the swivel. It is a pipe with either four or six sides. Bushing keeps around the f sides of kelly to provide the power torque needed to turn the kelly and the drill pipes. Kelly has kelsubs to connect drill collar and drill bit.

If you are looking for quality Kelly Drilling Rigs in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us.


More About Kelly Drilling Rigs

As ARK Drilling our machine are avaible for both Mud and Air Drilling operations. Mud operations with Mud Pumps and Air Drilling operations with high pressure compressors. Our rigs hose lines desinged for high pressure of water&mud and air.

Benefits of our Kelly Rotary Mechanic system drilling rigs are;

  • Easy maintenance
  • Spare Parts availability at your local market

These 2 important is very important for drilling rig owner. After years when your machine needs maintenance you wont need our factory send you parts for maintenance. If you will have any trouble while drilling you will able to solve your problem easly finding spare parts at your local market and changing parts will be not complicated as Hydraulic system top drive drilling rigs.

As ARK Drilling our all rigs are under warranty of;

10 years Mast and Main Chassis Body

1 year other components.