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As ARK Drilling, we serve high quality oil drilling rigs in Turkey. Oil drilling rigs are generally used during the extraction of materials such as oil, water and natural gas from underground. It provides great benefit to people with the work it performs. These towers have different types according to the usage area and the material to be applied. The oil drilling rig is not only used to extract energy to the earth. It has many functions that it performs differently from each other. There are also portable types of drilling rigs. In this way, it is very easy to install and access anywhere. It has the ability to go as deep as possible with human hands. It is also frequently used in ground and field surveys, especially before exploration. These systems have different sizes and features. The oldest known oil drilling rigs were designed and used by the Chinese rulership. Thanks to the developments in technology and machine systems, different features are added to the drilling rigs every year and these systems are developed. In this way, the highest level of performances are obtained and the desired successful results are obtained from the work done.

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What Are The Types Of Oil Drilling Rig in Turkey?

Oil drilling rigs are grouped differently from each other according to the power used, pipe, rotation or drilling method. Each type has a unique feature and functioning.

1-Oil Drilling Rig According to the Power Used

Mechanical Oil Drilling Rigs

These rigs, which are located between oil drilling rigs, are built by taking power from their own engines. It also has designs in very small sizes. It has an easy use. Their engines are generally the same as diesel engines.

Electric Oil Drilling Rigs

It is generally produced using systems called internal combustion engines. All the power the tower needs to operate is provided by electrical energy.

Hydraulic Oil Drilling Rigs

It is produced with the use of pressurized and speed adjustable hydro motors. The systems in it are designed in a hydraulic way.

Pneumatic Oil Drilling Rigs

It is among the most technologically advanced oil drilling rig models. It works with support from compressed air. It is an extremely reliable and durable system.

Oil Drilling Rigs
Oil Drilling Rigs
Oil Drilling Rig Manufacturer in Turkey
Oil Drilling Rig Manufacturer in Turkey

Oil Drilling Rig According to the Piping System Used

Cable Pipe Oil Drilling Rigs

It is a system that allows the drilling drill at the end of the tower to be connected to the system with a cable and to perform the drilling process.

Chain Tube Oil Drilling Rigs

Connection between oil drilling rigs is carried out with chains.

Traditional Method Oil Drilling Rigs

Generally, plastic materials and metal parts are used in these systems, which are seen as old-style systems.

Coil Tubing Oil Drilling Rigs

It consists of a flexible pipe with a very long structure, which is formed with a punching engine.

Oil Drilling Rig Manufacturer

Directional Rotation Oil Drilling Rig

The drilling process is carried out by directing the drilling apparatus of the tower remotely with the wireless remote control.

Rotating Oil Drilling Rig with Overhead Drive

It is among the most advanced and state-of-the-art drilling rigs. Rotation and circulation are provided at the same time.