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Rotary Drilling Rigs in Turkey

Rotary Drilling Rigs

As ARK Drilling, we serve high quality rotary drilling rigs in Turkey. The device and process in which the formation crushing is used is called rotary drilling. Rotary drilling works by rotating its teeth at low speeds under heavy pressure and impact. It is particularly preferred for formations that are deep and difficult to break up. Slow working tools reach the desired depth in a certain time. Rotary bores are often preferred and give good results, but are not applied for very deep and deep drills. The depth meter that it can be used is determined, it is not too healthy and does not give the desired result. The purpose of use is to throw the broken formations out of the well by means of air. It is best to use rotary boring in areas where it is difficult to deform and very difficult. Rotary drills are heavy-duty and powerful machines. The process, also called the pneumatic drilling method, breaks the formation with rotational movements and removes the fractures with air. During the drilling process, the hole, which is cleaned by means of air, is also helped by materials such as water and mud. Rotation and breakout operations are dominant and basic in drilling operations methods.

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Rotary Drilling Rig Types

Rotary drilling rig is divided into different methods according to the ways the impact is transmitted to the drill. The methods can change the direction of rotation and strength of the drill, but the work done is generally the same. It meets the needs in two different methods as the above ground hammer method and the pit method. It is important to choose the appropriate method in order to carry out successful studies in all formation types and to ensure easy processing. When the formations break, they are thrown out with additional materials such as mud or water. During the process, a screw drill, protection pipe or reverse circulation well bottom gun can be used in accordance with the general purpose. Rotary drilling, which breaks the formation with cutter teeth, creates a certain clean hole when the process is finished. The drill rotating under pressure, that is, under load, is processed with pressure and torque.

Rotary Drilling Rigs
Rotary Drilling Rigs
Rotary Drilling Rig in Turkey
Rotary Drilling Rig in Turkey

Main Components of Rotary Drilling Rig

In certain drilling operations, the drill used under load works with different methods. Rotary drilling rigs are as follows;

  • Rotation system
  • Crane system
  • The circulatory system
  • Power transmission system
  • Sounding string

Working with the systems mentioned above, the machine performs certain functions. Working with the function of rotation and drilling, the drill performs the functions of unloading and cleaning by transmitting power and carrying. Rotary drilling, whose main purpose is drilling, is used in special processes. As the drill, which is an efficient system, works with a heavy load, it easily breaks and pierces even the most difficult formations. Utilizing electric and diesel engines for piercing formations, power sources perform rotational and circulation systems. Drilling machines, which can also work with rotary impact systems, give healthy results in two different methods. It is very important that it is applied correctly and the area where it is applied is at the appropriate hole meter for drilling. Strong and durable rotary drilling made of robust materials can also be used in drilling very large diameters, such as 24 inches, when specific properties and methods are set.