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Borehole Drilling Machine

As ARK Drilling, we serve high quality Borehole Drilling Machines in Turkey. Drilling is a method used to drill holes in any soil. Lack of water resources in most arid regions forced people to drill. In places where the rain is limited and there is no regular flow of water, wells are drilled by digging in the ground by drilling method in the agricultural area. These wells are filled by drawing water from underground and made ready for use in agriculture. Drilling can be done on soil ground or on hard rocks. The Borehole drilling machine  is simply connected to a truck or a sled and carries out the excavation in an assembled manner. In addition, large drilling equipment systems can be combined with separate machines and thus larger diameter well digging operations can be performed. In the rotary drilling rig, which is another system, rotary table is not used, instead there is a “walruset”.

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Drilling Methods with Borehole Drilling Machines

Borehole drilling machines are examined in 3 groups according to the digging structure. These methods are:

1: Rotary drilling machines are divided into 3 among themselves. Slide drilling machines are the most used type of drilling machine. Another is the drilling machines used for special purposes. Movable pallets are used in this type. The last one is the superimposed drilling machine. It is used by mounting behind a tractor or truck.

2: Impact drilling machines

3: Combined working Borehole drilling machine s

Types of Pumps Used While Drilling

* Centrifuge pumps are used in areas where the pressure is small and the flow rate is high.

* Piston pump type is available with one, two and three pistons. Generally three pistons are used. The three piston pump has a stable operation and can be dismantled. The injection pump has an electrical engine and others are diesel powered or air-cooled.

* Submersible pumps are powered by electricity and run by placing a pump and motor in the water.

* It is used where the suction power of the deep well pump is higher than 7 meters. It is operated on the basis of the water pressure feature.

Borehole Drilling Machine
Borehole Drilling Machine
Borehole Drilling Machine Manufacturer in Turkey
Borehole Drilling Machine Manufacturer in Turkey

Major Rules of Borehole Drilling Machines

In order to dig a drilling well, first of all, the physical conditions of the area where the excavation will take place must be suitable for excavation. After these conditions are learned, materials and equipment suitable for the conditions are provided and the drilling process starts with the Borehole drilling machine . The rules to be followed for drilling excavation are as follows. First, the road construction and then the platform is built. Then, suitable conditions for shipping are provided. After the water is supplied, the final assembly is done. It is important that the slope is low where the drilling is excavated. This slope is a very important issue for shipping. The structure of the platform where the excavation will be made should be examined carefully and the formation of mud should be prevented. Taking some tests before drilling will provide convenience during the work. First of all, a sample should be taken from the ground. Then, the underground water level should be determined in the area where the water will be extracted. The results to be achieved by performing pressurized water tests should be taken into consideration. The risk should be minimized by performing penetration tests. Taking these conditions into consideration, a drilling excavated with a Borehole drilling machine will provide good efficiency and successful results will be achieved.

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