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Drilling Rigs Spare Parts Supplier in Turkey

Drilling Rigs Spare Parts

As ARK Drilling, we serve high quality spare parts for drilling rigs in Turkey.

What are spare parts for drilling rigs?

Drilling Rigs are heavy-duty machines are and thats why their total weights are much  more than other machines. There are options for carrier of a Drilling Rig. These are;

  • Truck Mounted
  • Semi-Trailer Mounted
  • Self-Propelled Chassis Mounted
  • Crawler Mounted

Choosing one of these carriers depends on our customers demands. For Truck Mounted our customers need to ask their country custom regulation that what is the max age of truck accepting at ther country custom to not have problem when they import Truck Mounted Drilling Rig to their country

If you are looking for quality drilling rigs spare parts supplier in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us.


What is the brand of Engine Drilling Rigs?

As ARK Drilling we supply to our customer Diesel and Electical types of Engines. We ask our customers what is the brand of engine they request from us. Its important to choose efficient engine for finding spare parts for drilling rigs at their local markets easly for maintenance in the future. We advise mostly MAN and MERCEDES brand of engines to our customers. We are supplying our customers Brand New and Fully Refurbished engines according to their budgets.

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How Does Water Swivel Works?

Swivel is one of the component on a drilling rig that hangs directly under the traveling block and directly connected to the kelly, that provides the facility for the kelly and  drill pipe to and passing water or mud inside swivel.

As Ark Drilling we manufacture best quality of Water Swivels and its spare parts. It has varios types according to drilling capacity of drilling rig.

What is the Crown Block and Traveling Block used for on a Drilling Rig and Spare Parts?

Crown block is the fixed spare part of a block and that contains a numbers of pulleys or sheaves through which the wire rope Crown blocks help lift heavy loads 

Traveling block is the freely moving and its main duty installing or removing drill pipe from well.

The set of the traveling block, crown block and  rope gives ability to lift weights many tons on larger drilling rigs.

As ARK Drilling we manufacture and supply high quality spare parts for drilling rigs and best efficency Crown Block and Traveling Block for our rigs. Its very important to use best qaulity materials for safety of drilling operation for drilling crew and drilling rig.