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Water Drilling Rig Manufacturer in Turkey

Water Drilling Rigs Manufacturer

As ARK Drilling, we serve high quality Water Drilling Rigs in Turkey. The Water Drilling Rig is a device that allows the water in the area where it is applied to be transferred to the outside. It easily descends to depths that cannot be made by human hands and brings the deep water to the surface. Water drilling process is a job that requires patience and care. In addition, machines made of extremely durable materials are needed due to the working floor. Otherwise, malfunctions that will be experienced cause continuous repair, maintenance and repair. This leads to loss of time and serious material damage. Water Drilling Rigs are designed in different models according to the structure of the place where they will be applied. Before purchasing Water Drilling Rigs, a ground survey is required to obtain information about the ground on which it will be applied.

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What is water drilling rig and working principle?

The Water Drilling Rig consists of 5 parts. Each of these sections should work in harmony with each other. Only in this way high performance is achieved. Water Drilling Rigs consist of the drive part called power unit, power transmission device, drilling unit, drill, pump and slide. The most important parts during the use of the machine are the pump drill. Since the drill is the tip that is used to drill the ground during the drilling process, its selection is extremely important. In addition, the pumps differ from each other due to the pressure they apply. Water Drilling Rigs should be products obtained from suitable and quality materials. Otherwise, the chance of success in the job to be done is very low.

Water Drilling Rigs Manufacturer
Water Drilling Rigs Manufacturer
Water Drilling Rigs Manufacturer Turkey
Water Drilling Rigs Manufacturer Turkey

What Are The Types Of Water Drilling Rigs?

The Water Drilling Rig has different types due to its features. It is extremely important to get help from experts in the field to find out which of the machines with different features designed for each floor is the best option for you. Types of Water Drilling Rigs;

  1. Rotary Water Drilling Rig

This device, called rotary drilling, rotates at a certain speed under impact and pressure. It is the most suitable device for use on the hardest floors. It is also called air drilling because it expels the crumbs found inside during drilling by air. It is commonly used in wells with a lot of hard ground in order to reach deep. The Water Drilling Rig works with a system called power transmission system.

2. Impact Water Drilling Rig

It is the process of slowly drilling by breaking the ground of the parts at the end of the machine with rapid blows. Drilling is carried out easily thanks to the broken ground. It is used in areas that do not have much depth. While performing this drilling process, 2 tools are used. Steel wire rope and drill rod are tools used during impact drilling.

3. Combined Water Drilling Rig

They are Water Drilling Rigs obtained by mounting a drilling machine to any heavy vehicle. It is generally used in the mine. This machine is also used during the ground survey.