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Geothermal Drilling Rigs

As ARK Drilling, we serve high quality geothermal drilling rigs in Turkey. In order to give detailed information about geothermal drilling, it is necessary to specify what the words geothermal and drilling mean.


In a year thousands of wells drilling all around the World. Most of these wells are for water but there are many wells are drilling for Geothermal and Oil wells. In Turkey Geothermal wells are drilling to get hot water and reaching hot water happening at different depts at wells. Some area of Turkey its at 250 meters and at some area 2500 meters. When they reach hot water its using areas are Greenhouse, Thermal hotels for health and Energy sectors. In one year there are hundreds of wells drilling in Turkey. As Ark Drilling our company founder Mr. Halil İbrahim Yöngül manufactured Turkey’s biggest machine on 2013 for our Turkish customer. This machine drilled in years following wells are;

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Energy is one the most important source in our life. There are many ways to reach energy. Petrol is one of the source of energy. To reach petrol drilling companies making great job. Oil drilling is very difficult method and its needs a real system of drilling and great team of drilling crew. There are 2 types of oil drilling, Onshore and Offshore drilling.

Onshore drilling operation is on known as drilling operation on a land. For this operation drilling company needs land rigs and rig capacity starting from 1000HP.

Offshore drilling known as drilling operation on sea or oceans. Its drilling operation is very complicated, difficult and expencive. Mostly Global oil companies and Goverments are investing on offshore drilling.