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Drilling Rigs & Machines Manufacturer in Turkey

Drilling Rigs Manufacturer in Turkey

As ARK Drilling, we serve high quality drilling rigs and machines in Turkey.

What are the basic drilling rigs field and drilling operation equipments ?

Drill pipes are madem by steel pipe and its main duty is transfer the torque to drill bit. It has various sizes for lenght and diameter depends on leght of Drilling Rigs Mast and drilling method of drilling operatör. Most commen drill pipe diameters are 3-1/2’’ & 4-1/2’ & 5-1/2’’ and their lenghts are starting from 3 meter up to 9,5 meter. Mostly we supply to pour customers diameter 3-1/2’’ and lenght of 6,1 meter and 9,5 meter. We dont advice 4-1/2’’ drill pipe because its not flexible as 3-1/2’’ drill pipe and for 4-1/2’’ best option is 6,1 meter lenght to not cut drill pipe while drilling operation.

If you are looking for quality drilling rigs and machines manufacturer in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us.

Drilling Rigs
Drilling Rigs

How do you know soft formation and hard formation drilling rigs you need?

Drilling rigs are one of the most important part at drilling operation. It has many various sizes of diameters. Before you buy drill bit you have to know your drilling area formation, is it Soft or Rock area. When you buy best quality drill pipe and your mud engineer prepare best mud dont afraid of drilling operation. You can complite well faster than before. Price ranges are so much at drill bits. Its expencive but very important part. As ARK drilling we advise you to buy best quality drilling rigs and machines for safe and fast drilling.

Drilling Rigs & Machines Manufacturer in Turkey
Drilling Rigs & Machines Manufacturer in Turkey
Drilling Rigs & Machines Manufacturer in Turkey
Drilling Rigs & Machines Manufacturer in Turkey

What Is The Mud Circulation System?

Mud circulation system is about engineering of calculations of mud density. If your mud engineer doing the job great you will delighted at drilling operation. Mud system include;

  • Mud Pump
  • Mud Tank
  • Degasser
  • Desilter
  • Desander
  • Shale Shaker


Drill collar main duty is supply extra weight to total weight of drill pipe for straight drilling. İf you dont have enough weight and drill hole will have angle you will have problems at installing casing operation. You will not able to install drill casing straight to the well. We advise our customers 2 diameter of drill collars.

6’’ diameter apprx weight is 1100kg at 9 meter lenght

8’’ diameter apprx weight is 2000kg at 9 meter lenght

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