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Mud Pumps Manufacturer in Turkey

Do you want to import Mud Pumps from Turkey?

As ARK Drilling, we serve best quality dublex and triplex mud pumps for pumping water, cement and bentonite, during direct circulation drilling in Turkey. Mud pump is used to circulate drilling mud to hole during drilling. Engine is serves as the mud pump power. Mud pumps are mostly serve as skid mounted or on baord mounted. The fluid is include of a suction and discharge, manifolds, pistons, liners and valves.

If you are looking for quality mud pumps manufacturer in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us.


What are the Parts of Mud Pumps in Turkey?

Important part of Mud Pump is Gear to increase strength and combat gear fatigue, we are  using a special hardening process on gear components.

For long term mud pump operating efficiently is very important for us. Ark Drilling’s mud pumps in Turkey consumables include pistons, liners and valves.

Mud Pumps Manufacturer
Mud Pumps Manufacturer
Mud Pumps in Turkey
Mud Pumps in Turkey

What are the Types of Mud Pumps in Turkey?

1-) Centrifugal Mud Pumps

Centrifuge pump is common in drinking water, sewage, agriculture, petroleum and petrochemical fields. Centrifugal pumps are generally chosen for their high flow rate, resistance to corrosive solutions, agitation and relatively simple construction. Our all water drilling rigs has centrifugal pumps. Our Centrifugal pumps has capacity untill 400 meter drilling depth with well hole diameter or 8-1/2’’.

2-) Duplex Mud Pumps

Our Rigs has following Mud Pumps on board;

MS30 Drilling Rig has 4*6 mud pump

MS40 Drilling Rig has 6*8 mud pump

MS50 Drilling Rig has 7-1/2’’ * 10 mud pump

MS60 Drilling Rig has 7-1/2 * 10 mud pump


3-) Foam Pumps

Foam pumps are desinged to use for air drilling which calls hammer drilling also. Its provides foam (soap) to the drilling system to make air drilling faster.