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Drilling Rig Main Components Manufacturer in Turkey

Drilling Rig Main Components

As ARK Drilling, we serve high quality Drilling Rig Main Components in Turkey.

What are the components of Drilling Rig?

What is MAST in Drilling Rig?

drilling mast is a construction over a well hole it supports the drilling equipment and all keep it lifted into and out of the well hole. ARK Drilling provides  variety of design, engineering, and manufacturing services for water and geothermal  drilling rigs masts.

Mast is one of the most important component of a rig. It must be stronger than components on board like drawwork. When we desing our masts we calculate static and hook loads for long term operation safety of drilling staff and rig. Our MS60 & MS50 & MS40 rigs masts are same which is max load capacity 70 ton and its made by 100*100*6mm square profile steel. Why we manufacture same mast for various capacity of these our drilling rigs. Its our priority safety of drilling staff and rig while and trouble at drilling operation like stuck the drill pipe. If a mast of rig is is very strong it gives confident to drilling crew.

If you are looking for quality drilling rig main components manufacturer in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us.


How does DRAW-WORKS (WINCH) working?

drawworks is the  hoisting component of a rotary drilling rig. Its main function is to provide raising and lowering the traveling block and drill pipe winch drum.

As ARK Drilling we manufacture mechanic system and penumatic system of draw-works. Our draw-works ‘’sometimes it calles winch’’ hoisting capacities are starting from 20 ton up to 180 ton.

What is ROTARY TABLE used for?

Rotary table is a mechanical compenent on a drilling rig that provides rotation process of drilling. Rotary speed is calculating by rpm.

As ARK Drilling our drilling rigs has retractable rotary tables inside diameters 200mm-230mm-260mm. Our rotary tables are retractable and this gives opportunity to big diameter of casing installing operation. Our rigs rotation rpm are commenly as;

1st Gear – 25 rpm

2nd Gear – 35 rpm

3rd Gear – 60 rpm

4th Gear – 90 rpm

5th Gear – 125 rpm

6th Gear – 155 rpm

Reverse Gear – 20 rpm

Sondaj Makinesi Yedek Parça
Sondaj Makinesi Yedek Parça
Sondaj Makinesi Yedek Parça
Sondaj Makinesi Yedek Parça

How POWER TRANSFER BOX shares Power to units of Rig?

Power Transfer Box is the component of rig which shares power of engine to the components of rig. Its has gears and chains inside to give best torque to the rig. It has  or 2 input depends of number of engine on the rig and it has output to rotary table and draw-works by transmission, centrifugal pump, mud pump, alternatör and foam pump with strong belts and pulleys.