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Looking for the Best Drill Rig Manufacturer?

Drilling rigs are teams that drill wells underground for underground resources such as oil, water and natural gas. Among the main goals of our company are customer satisfaction, providing high quality materials and services. Our company, which is the best drilling rig manufacturer, produces by using the best raw materials in the market in accordance with high quality standards. It is among the most prestigious and powerful manufacturers in the world with the production created together with our expert teams and professional managers in its own branch. In addition, following the technological developments, it produces modern machinery in line with the needs of the customer. In addition to meeting all the needs of customers, it is highly preferred with its ease of maintenance and fast service. Our company carries out large-scale projects in accordance with the target quality standards, whether it is customer-oriented studies or production suitable for the market. With its productions with new technological designs that make your work easier, it offers you unlimited opportunities by offering convenient payment options and suitable for your budget. We create a strong impact on demand and supply by operating for a long time with professional business experiences. In addition, the best drilling rig manufacturer is conscious of occupational health and safety, which is not ignored by our company, and produces without harming the nature. Our company, which you can choose to make your job easier and with confidence, is ready to serve you whenever you want. In addition, it is at your service by providing wide-ranging opportunities and by providing production in accordance with your budget without tiring you out.

What are the Types of Drilling Rigs?

There are different models and designs of drillings in line with various sources found underground. Special drilling design is available for each welding type. In our institution, which is the manufacturer of drilling machines in Konya, it is possible to obtain these product models with the highest quality qualifications. You can be sure that you will be very pleased with the services of our company, which works with professional expert teams. In addition, production is carried out in our company, taking into account occupational safety and health during the processes. The most preferred and common types of drilling rigs today are as follows:

  • Water drilling is the drilling of a well on a truck with air and mud circulation, in accordance with its hydrological characteristics. It is also known as shallow level drilling.
  • Prospecting drilling, this work is used in both underground and surface mining areas. Location is determined, drilling is done, then production is made by placing explosives.
  • Geothermal drilling is a type of renewable energy that consists of regenerating the energy and steam produced at high temperature, then cooling them underground. In addition to being deep drillings, it is among the most common drillings.
  • Fossil fuels are sought in oil and gas drilling, oil and gas drilling. It is not a type of renewable energy. The most needed energy production in the world is met by natural gas and oil production.
    Offshore drilling is the drilling operation performed on water. It differs according to the water depth.

The types of these drilling rigs vary according to the needs and design features and are produced by our drilling machine manufacturer company. Click here to see our drilling rigs and machines.

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